Wardrobe Consulting


There comes a time when everyone can use a little polish to their style. Whether it is for a special event, a makeover, or you just realized you have nothing to wear in your wardrobe, we can help.

Every person is unique, and at Blue Stilletto®, we always honor your individual style.

Our goal is to work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the results and can walk away from our session feeling confident, alive, and ready to take on the world.

Our services benefit men and women in both personal and corporate fashion ventures who seek to rejuvenate their individual flair and dress for success.

All wardrobe consulting services offered by Blue Stilletto® include the following:

  • 20-minute phone consultation
  • Pre-shopping to determine approach based upon client’s needs
  • Color analysis
  • Style analysis
  • Body assessment
  • Image assessment

Color Analysis

Based on your skin tone, hair and eye color, we will conduct a personal color analysis to determine the best shades that complement your features and how to use them. We'll also help you with which colors you should avoid.

Style Analysis

During this stage of the assessment, we will examine your current wardrobe and what you consider to be your "personal style/fashion sense." We can then use this as a foundation to create your updated look so that it's new, but still you.

Body Assessment

We will identify your basic body shape and guide you on how to choose clothing that is in harmony with your natural body lines. We will choose items that balance your scale and proportion. The aim is to provide you with an understanding of what clothing is most flattering to your build.  

Image Assessment

During the image assessment, we consider the style and function of your current wardrobe and how we can meet the needs of your stated goals. In order to measure our success, we must determine a starting point. We will take into consideration your personal data like: style, body type, wardrobe, and preferred color palette. Blue Stilletto will then use this information to create purpose for your personal style.  

Service Packages

A Stylish Affair

Whether it is a night on the town or a getaway weekend, there may come moments in which you need a little extra help to plan your outfit. The Stylish Affair package includes one complete outfit to incorporate into your wardrobe for an important event. Whether it is formal or casual, Blue Stilletto® will always make sure it is about your unique expression.

Wedding 101

On one of the most memorable and exciting days of your life, you want to leave the styling to the pros. Our Blue Stilletto® team is here to help you relax on your special day, and will be with you throughout the entire process. Our Wedding 101 package includes fashion choices catered to your personal style for:

  • The Rehearsal Dinner
  • Ceremony
  • Reception
  • Post wedding day events

The Personal Approach

What makes your beauty unique to the world? Blue Stilletto® can help you discover a personal style that truly defines the essence of you. In the Personal Approach package, a private shopping trip alongside you will help us gain insight into your unique image. Afterward, we craft up to 3 unique outfits to incorporate in your wardrobe and end the session with a Style Report on what we accomplished.


If you are an incredibly busy professional, the Fashion-Forward package may be a good fit. Designed for those that require a massive overhaul of their wardrobe, the service includes an at-home review of your current wardrobe, a personal shopping trip with one of our pros, and up to 8 complete outfits for your closet. The package is completed with a detailed Style Report regarding a summary of goals and an overview of the process.

It's All in the Details

If you live and breathe for accessories, this may be the package for you (it also makes a spectacular add-on to any packages we currently have running). If you feel your wardrobe is on point but you have nothing to add to the details, we can assist you with accessorizing a look that defines your signature style. The All in the Details package also includes an at-home wardrobe review to suggest other opportunities for accessorizing.

Monthly Makeover

When you need help on a consistent basis, our Monthly Makeover service will ensure your wardrobe is revolving, fresh, and always up-to-date. This package is for those who choose to budget over the course of a few months, piece-by-piece, rather than a complete one-time wardrobe overhaul. This package includes up to 5 complete outfits for your closet, over the course of four months. Your session is then summed up with a style report and fashion analysis.

Style Report

Blue Stilletto® will produce a Style Report* that you can continue to use as a reference for your personal style. In it, we will summarize the results of your initial consultation and assessments including: color analysis, style analysis, body assessment, and image assessment.

Additionally, we will provide the stores and/or brands identified that best suit your look. The Style Report is e-mailed a few weeks after we finish your look.

*Not all packages include the Style Report  

Click here for more information on our packages and prices. If you require assistance but do not see any applicable services, please contact us so we can help you reach your personal style goals.